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Neo Geo Arcade Cabinet - Apparently a few games have some technical issues with sound or video but I've never noticed any issues. This Neo Geo forums thread lists what games are missing as well as differences between this and the other multicarts. Ben’s Neo Geo Arcade Cabinet | Web Portal for Benjamin J As the years passed I played Neo Geo arcades whenever I could, Samurai Showdown, the kind of weak World Heroes, etc. Probably the last Neo I saw in an arcade was in 1996 when I was filming helicopters in Wisconsin Dells on the 4th of July. Four Arcade Games - ONE DAY - YouTube Like the vids? Sponsor John's Arcade!: https://gami…/johnsarcade Enjoy the vids? Consider supporting me!5. Installing the new LED panels – Neo Geo Led control board is marked with 1,2,,4 etc and + and – so just match up the colours of the panels to the number and secure with the screw terminal. 6. Testing – Neo Geo Led Marquee

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First step before peeling the vinyl was to photograph and measure the artwork. While the standard Neo-Geo side art has been reproduced by member eccs19, the MVS-2-13 is the oddball of the lineup, with smaller logos and unique player arrow designs on the front of the cabinet. Using the measurements, I was able to recreate vector ... Neo Geo MVS Mini Marquee’s | Retro Megabit Across the top of my Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet is a marquee made up of four Mini Marquees. A Mini Marquee is really just a small poster displaying the name of the game and some artwork to give you a quick idea of what it might be.

Lee Smith (a.k.a. DJ Legion/leejsmith) has been working on a LED replacement mini marquee panel for the Neo Geo MVS. In this video his prototype arrive via the Royal Air Mail and we take an in ...

Presenting: Neo-Geo EL (mini marquee) Lamp Replacement Dec 28, 2009 · This tutorial is meant to help you replace the EL Lamps on the Neo-Geo 2, 4, and 6 slot EL Lamp pcbs. If your marquee lights don't work it is most likely just the lamps. They go bad just like a regular light bulb only after a much longer period of time. It is possible that your inverter is bad but it … neo geo 6 slot led mini marquee install guide. - YouTube

I built my own Neo Geo cabinet and wanted a working mini marquee. After a year this is the result.

Neo Geo MVS 4 - Slot Marquee Light Problem Sep 08, 2004 · my marquee light is slightly broken (its been that way since purchase, i just never got around to doing anything about it)....slot 1 does not light up at all, slot 2 is so faint that i wouldn't even say it was on, slot 3 works fine and slot 4 works fine. before i went ahead and took stuff apart, i wanted to know if anyone ever heard of this problem and if they knew of some possible fixes. i Neo Geo six slot Marquee – Szabo's Arcades Reverse mounted on laser cut acrylic. I am now taking preorders for this this long awaited marquee. This is for the 6 slot Style cabinet. Will ship approx. 4-6 weeks. For a … Neo Geo Arcade | eBay